Business Standards
An accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, Judgment Marketplace prides itself on maintaining strict ethical standards to ensure that all of its clients, both buyers and sellers, understand the nature of the transaction and the risks associated with acquiring or selling judgments.

In addition, Judgment Marketplace is determined to maintain the confidence of its customers by ensuring that no clients are charged for any services without ample notice of a potential fee being incurred and the client’s express acceptance of said charge.

Judgment Marketplace does not guarantee that any listing posted for sale is a valid judgment or that said judgment remains unsatisfied. However, to the best of its abilities, and without accepting liability for its failure to do same, Judgment Marketplace does its best to minimize the likelihood of fraud or mistake by monitoring its listings. To that end, Judgment Marketplace will remove any listing that purports to sell a claim which does not seem like a valid judgment or seems invalid on the face of the document.