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Seller: tim9544

VA default


Relationship: OJC (Original Judgment Creditor)
against NY mortgage banker
Description: Evan Blumstein owned Pathways Merchandising. FTC file# 012 3088 civil action # 01-civ-8987 FTC matter # X020004. I already have current employment, phone & address on Mr. Blumstein thru private investigator. You may contact me directly for specific details of my default judgement against Evan Blumstein...757-773-5559
State: VA
Case Number: L02-423
Judgment Amount: $56,085.00
Post Judgment Interest Rate: 6.00%
Compounded Interest: No
Date Awarded: 08/04/2002
Statute of Limitations: 20 Years
Number of Debtors:1
Debtor's Name: Evan Blumstein
Debtor Type: Individual and Business
Default Judgment: Yes