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RMDW Ventures LLC v iPhone Buyerz LLC, Sergio Soto Jr, Michelle Galvan


Relationship: Representative of the OJC
Breach of Contract Suit
Description: Attached is the copy of the judgement, basically we had a contract in place with this customer we purchased about a million dollars worth of goods and he ended up failing to provide all the goods, he has done some work to pay some but very small as he believed he wouldn't have to pay without someone forcing his hand. I believe he has some assets and money but refuses to make larger payments than a couple thousand dollars. The Judgment is for $825,000, we have the customer's business and both him and his wife listed on the judgement as individuals. Let me know what can be done, feel free to call me anytime 610-462-4275 (Eric) Thanks! Eric Wolak RMDW Ventures LLC
State: TX
Courthouse: Northampton County Courthouse
Case Number: C48-CV-2021-01215
Judgment Amount: $825,017.25
Post Judgment Interest Rate: 0.00%
Compounded Interest: No
Date Awarded: 04/16/2021
Statute of Limitations: 99 Years
Attorney On Record: Joshua A Gildea
Number of Debtors:1
Debtor's Name: iPhone Buyerz LLC
Debtor Type: Individual
Default Judgment: Yes
Cause of Action that led to judgment: Contracts
Declared Bankruptcy: No
Will Provide SSN or tax ID: Yes
Will Sign Assignment of Judgment If Sold: Yes
Will Sign Substitution of Attorney If Sold: Yes
Collection Agency: No

Judgment Sold in the Past: No
Active Wage Garnishment: No
Payments to Satisfy Judgment Received: Yes