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Rebecca Robbins vs USA Car Care, Inc #1/Hung Luong


Relationship: Original Judgment Creditor
Judicial Court Judgement three years of trying to obtain monies awarded, incurred costs $2,500 and interest
Description: I, Rebecca Robbins, won this judgement in the amount of $20,500 plus filing fees and lawyers fees for $6,495. Post trial I personally have hired two separate investigators for purpose of Writ of Executions for bank. I have filed several times with first investigators finding of zero banks with the Debtors Name (s). I did Writs by process of elimination. I went to the Secretary of State to Business Entity, to which a Devon Nuedeck precides as Pres., Sec., Treas. and Director. Mr. Nuedecks Bank Of America could not honor that Writ because his name is not on Judgement. The Entities have been changed twelve times in last four years. I tried to ex Parte motion for Judgement Debtor but was shuffled from Help Center to Filing clerk because and not first time NO ONE HAS THE SAME RECIPE!! I tried to subpoena business records, same thing...I was told I could not in Judicial. I researched, I called the Judges Chambers and his court clerk to amend Judgement. I hired a second investigator, after that information for each debtor I went over list with the Sheriffs office five times, followed exactly put money orders in for each ( I have a Fee Waiver obtained in 2019) and as per "the norm" it was sent back without money orders and was told I was missing a paper!! I live two hours from Las Vegas in Arizona, I drove to do a Judgement/property lien, was told to go to Recorders Office. When I did , they had zero clue as to what I was talking about!! The incurred costs since March 2018 ( I have every receipt) for gas, copies, filing fees, investigators, parking, etc. have oome to $2581.87, not to mention way too many hours on computer, etc and the serious frustration of the system as a whole. I contacted Judgement Lawyers they said to do a Veil. Ive tried EVERYTHING! The owner, Mr. Luong is a thief, money laundering etc. He has other lawsuits, but he just ignores. Doesnt show up or respond. The Mechanics shop is ripping people off as well. Its one big operation!! But, I have had enough and that what brings me here, to you, today! I seek Justice but the system prevents that, so please I need my life back and to put this nightmare behind me. Thank You very, very much!!! Gratefully, Rebecca SIDEBAR- THE FILES ARE DATED FROM 2019 I JUST PUT THEM SO YOU CAN READ MOTION FOR EXAMINATION OF J.D. QUESTIONS AND INCURRED COSTS AT THAT TIME, WHICH HAVE GONE UP AND ADD ANOTHER $60.00 FOR THIS LISTING AND THE TEN DOLLARS THE SHERIFFS OFFICE "DONT HAVE" WHICH I CLIPPED TO EACH WRIT!!!!
State: NV
Courthouse: Las Vegas Judicial Court
Case Number: A-17754436-C XXXVIII
Judgment Amount: $34,000.00
Post Judgment Interest Rate: 6.50%
Compounded Interest: No
Date Awarded: 03/01/2018
Statute of Limitations: 6 Years
Attorney On Record: N/A
Number of Debtors:2
Debtor's Name: USA Car Care , Hung Luong
Debtor Type: Individual
Default Judgment: Yes
Cause of Action that led to judgment: Other
Declared Bankruptcy: No
Will Provide SSN or tax ID: Yes
Will Sign Assignment of Judgment If Sold: Yes
Will Sign Substitution of Attorney If Sold: Yes
Collection Agency: No

Judgment Sold in the Past: No
Active Wage Garnishment: No
Payments to Satisfy Judgment Received: No