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Stellar Hardware Inc. vs Icon Mechanical LLC, Emmanuel Skountzos and Gus Skountzos


Relationship: Original Judgment Creditor
Judgment for materials provided on multiple renovation projects
Description: The Judgment was won against both the company Icon Mechanical and personally against Emmanuel Skountzos and Gus Skountzos
State: NY
Courthouse: Supreme court of the state of New York county of K
Case Number: 520798-2017
Judgment Amount: $49,896.21
Post Judgment Interest Rate: 7.50%
Compounded Interest: No
Date Awarded: 04/19/2018
Statute of Limitations: 10 Years
Attorney On Record: Ronald Francis
Number of Debtors:6
Debtor's Name: Icon Mechanical LLC , Emmanuel Skountzos , Gus Skountzos
Debtor Type: Individual
Default Judgment: No