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Seller: omarmunoz2

Omar Munoz Vs Jerry Leon Hull, an individual dba Builders Management Group; Alfred Zamora, an individual; severally and as joint employers.


Relationship: OJC (Original Judgment Creditor)
Bank account, contractors license, unpaid wages, both defendant married.
Description: Have Bank Stub from Debtors bank account.The debtors are both contractor and had an active contractors license until i sent them the judgement and had their license suspended until they pay off amount.To reinstate their license they would have to take care of the unpaid amount since it was construction related case
State: CA
Courthouse: Superior Court, County of Santa Clara Limited
Case Number: 12-89826 WB
Judgment Amount: $18,172.33
Post Judgment Interest Rate: 10.00%
Compounded Interest: No
Date Awarded: 10/13/2013
Statute of Limitations: 10 Years
Number of Debtors:2
Debtor's Name: Alfred Zamora , Jerry Leon Hull
Debtor Type: Individual
Default Judgment: No
Cause of Action that led to judgment: Employment and Labor Law
Declared Bankruptcy: No
Will Provide SSN or tax ID: No
Will Sign Assignment of Judgment If Sold: Yes
Will Sign Substitution of Attorney If Sold: No
Collection Agency: No

Judgment Sold in the Past: No
Active Wage Garnishment: No
Payments to Satisfy Judgment Received: Yes