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Unsecured Creditors' Committee of Merco Joint Venture LLC v. William Iorio


Relationship: Assignee (OJC sold or transferred rights/title to the Assignee)
Bankruptcy judgment for preferrential and fraudulent transfer. Believe debtor is living in Dubai
Description: This judgment stems from an adversary proceeding brought in the Merco Joint Venture LLC bankruptcy filed in 2004. The claims for the judgment relate to preferrential transfer under 548 of the bankruptcy code and fraudulent transfer under 544 of the bankruptcy code. It is believed that William Iorio is currently living in Dubai.
State: NY
Courthouse: Bankruptcy Court Eastern District
Case Number: 04-08032-288
Judgment Amount: $532,915.32
Post Judgment Interest Rate: 9.00%
Compounded Interest: No
Date Awarded: 06/12/2006
Statute of Limitations: 20 Years
Number of Debtors:1
Debtor's Name: William Iorio
Debtor Type: Individual
Default Judgment: No
Cause of Action that led to judgment: Bankruptcy
Declared Bankruptcy: No
Will Provide SSN or tax ID: No
Will Sign Assignment of Judgment If Sold: Yes
Will Sign Substitution of Attorney If Sold: No
Collection Agency: No

Judgment Sold in the Past: Yes
Active Wage Garnishment: No
Payments to Satisfy Judgment Received: No