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Seller: rjsummers

$20,405.36 Civil Judgment


Relationship: Assignee (OJC sold or transferred rights/title to the Assignee)
Description: This was assigned to me in July of this year. Health issues prevent me from doing any type of work, for now. This was an issue between a Construction company (with tangible assets) and a private party. Our signed agreement terms included that the OJC was to receive 65% of the amount collected, in part or in whole, up to 65% of the original judgment award, after expenses were reimbursed to me...... CONTACT ME FOR MORE DETAILS. SEE ATTACHED FILES.
State: TX
Case Number: D-1-GN-09-003338
Judgment Amount: $20,405.36
Post Judgment Interest Rate: 5.25%
Compounded Interest: No
Date Awarded: 09/27/2010
Statute of Limitations: 10 Years
Number of Debtors:2
Debtor's Name: James W. Naivar , Betty Ann Naivar
Debtor Type: Individual and Business
Default Judgment: No