Questions and Answers with Amber!

Here at Judgment Marketplace we often receive questions about how our service works and how users can best position their judgment for sale. We decided to do a question and answer session with our Director of Operations Amber. See the questions and her answers below!

How much should money should I expect to sell my judgment for?

Judgment Marketplace provides guidelines on how much you can reasonably expect to get for your judgments. There may be extreme circumstances which make your judgment special. For example, if you are in the process of garnishing the judgment debtor’s wages and generating a steady income stream, that may push the price up. If the debtor’s assets look very shaky, that may push the price down. The best way to price your judgment is to start with the scale we provide and then adjust slightly based on the level of risk that the Buyer would be facing based upon the circumstances of the judgment debtor. The recommended range reflects the prices Buyers are typically willing to pay for an uncollected judgment, given the risk they are taking on their ability to collect payment.


Why should I use your site over other options?

Judgment Marketplace is that oldest and largest website for buying and selling legal judgments. Unlike debt collectors, or law firms that specialize collections, Judgment Marketplace has low, straightforward fees, and expert resources to make sure you are receiving a fair market value for your judgment. Our team has years of experience in helping buyers and sellers transact, and we are available by email or phone to help when any problems arise.

How long does it take to sell a judgment on the site?

Because Judgment Marketplace is only a listing venue, we cannot make any guarantees when or if your listing will sell.

Someone purchased my judgment, what do I need to do now?

When the Buyer clicks Buy Now or you accept an Offer, Judgment Marketplace will:

  • Confirm the availability of the Buyer’s payment; then,
  • Send a message to you to obtain and upload an Assignment of Judgment from the court and any other documents the Seller agreed to provide (this IS time sensitive and the expiration date is contained within the message sent to you); then,
  • Prompt the Buyer to confirm that the documents you uploaded; then,
  • Process and release payment to your bank account; then,
  • Release un-watermarked documents to the Buyer.

I haven’t received an offer on my judgment. What can I do to make it more attractive to buyers?

  • DO NOTHING. Leave the listing alone and wait to see if a buyer shows interest in it.  
  • CHANGE WORDING. Make adjustments to the wording of your description title and description section of your listing to try to entice a buyer's attention.
  • LOWER PRICE. Slowly lower your Buy Now price to see if that grabs the buyer's attention.
  • BUY ENHANCEMENTS! Purchase listing enhancements to make your listing STAND OUT!



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Attract buyers' attention by making your entire listing highlighted when searched on the Browse page.



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Attract buyers' attention by making the title of your listing bold.



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Have your listing appear in the top search results in your judgment's state.



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If you are unsure how to edit your listing, here are the instructions:


  1. Click on Active Listings - located on left-hand side (under SELL section)
  2. Click on Edit Listing - located in the far right column



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calysgal24 How long does it take to be paid? I am still waiting, since mid August 2018, I followed all the info above and have not received payment...and why is there not a phone number to contact Judgment marketplace? 09/12/2018 at 01:09 PM