Advantages of Judgments For Investors

The notion of judgments as investments is fairly new, and has largely come about since the formation of Judgment Marketplace. Prior to that, only large companies could consider judgments as a viable investment. Now, this is an investment possibility for anyone who is looking for a high value investment alternative.

Why Investment in Judgments?

You have a large number of choices for investing your money. These range from conservative, low risk investments such as money market funds and IRAs to medium risk investments such as the stock market to more speculative ones, such as futures and Forex (currency trading). There are also investments that act as hedges against inflation, such as gold and silver. With all of these possibilities, why consider something new and unconventional, such as money judgments?

Let’s look at some of the reasons you might want to consider investing in judgments.

  • Judgments Often Sell For Pennies on the Dollar -This is the top reason why many investors are finding judgments to be so attractive. Sellers are often anxious to get cash for their judgments and often sell for a fraction of their value.
  • Value Increases Over Time -The value of judgments increases as interest accrues. You only have to watch the expiration date, when the judgment loses its value.
  • A Growing Marketplace -There are already over $1 billion in judgments listed on JM, and this number is growing daily.
  • Ability to Buy and Resell -If you find judgments that offer good value, you can turn around and resell them on JM.
  • Offerings in All Price Ranges -You can find quite a few judgements for $200 or less, or you can invest in 6 or 7 figure judgments -and everything in between.

One of the best strategies for investing in judgments is to purchase a group of them. This gives you the potential to either collect or resell multiple judgments. It also protects you from loss in case some turn out to be unprofitable. Since judgments can be found in all price ranges, you can tailor this approach to your budget.

Judgments Can be Part of a Diverse Investing Strategy

Most financial experts recommend a diversified approach to investing. The decision to invest in judgments doesn’t have to mean abandoning your other investments. This can, however, be a potentially lucrative part of your investment portfolio. As Judgment Marketplace grows, there will be more and more opportunities to invest in money judgments.



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