Tips to Find Debtors and Deadbeats

In some ways, it’s harder than ever to “disappear” today without leaving traces. This can be good news if you are trying to find someone who owes you money -for example, if you’ve won a judgment against someone but they haven’t paid up. On the other hand, if your time and financial resources are limited, it can be challenging to track someone down. With this in mind, let’s look at a few tips for finding people using convenient and inexpensive tools. These tips are also helpful if you’re purchasing judgments on Judgment Marketplace and are trying to locate debtors.

Best Websites to Track People

  • Google -This is the simplest and most obvious choice. Googling someone can sometimes yield surprisingly good results. It’s best to set your search parameters within the last year so you don’t get outdated results. If the person’s name is very common, you may have to sift through many possibilities.
  • -This is a comprehensive search engine for finding people. It uses “identity resolution” to help you pinpoint the person you’re looking for, as opposed to people who may share the same name.
  • -This is a free search engine where you can search for people. It brings up information such as photos, work, websites, social media and phone numbers.
  • -This is a good place to search for businesses or people who work for companies. The site has profiles for more than 6 million businesses and 65 million employees.
  • Social Sites -Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites can be good for finding people. Even people trying to keep a low profile sometimes cannot resist posting surprisingly detailed information about themselves on social sites.
  • Paid Services -There are quite a few services that charge for sending you a report on someone who can’t be found using free tools. You can find such services by searching for “find people.” While these reports may cost $25 or more, they are cheaper than hiring professionals.
  • Judgment Marketplace -If you’re using JM to purchase judgments, you’ll have access to the site’s skip tracing tools.

Hiring Professionals

If using free online tools isn’t yielding results, you can try hiring professional help. If you are owed a significant amount of money, it may be worthwhile to hire someone. An attorney might work with you in exchange for a percentage of the judgment. This would save you from having to put up money up front. Another option would be to hire a private investigator.

When tracking someone, you have to decide how much time and money you are willing to put into the effort. This will depend on the amount owed to you and how important the matter is to you personally. It’s always best to start with free methods and, if these are not successful, start to scale up your efforts.




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