The Investment Value of Judgments

The concept of investing in judgments is not well known, but it’s emerging as a viable and potentially very lucrative investment strategy. The practicality of this depends on several factors, which have now come together in a way that benefits potential investors in tangible ways.

The Problem of Uncollected Judgments

It is often remarked that we live in a litigious society. Millions of lawsuits are launched each year, resulting in billions of dollars. The problem is, the majority of these judgments are never actually collected. This leaves the beneficiaries of these judgments in a frustrating situation. In some cases, as when people have been seriously injured or economically harmed, they may be in very challenging circumstances.

When large companies are owed money, they typically sell these judgments to other large companies who specialize in this practice -this is informally known as “buying paper.” This is not something that the average person has traditionally been able to do, however. That’s why there has long been a need for a large marketplace of judgments, one that is accessible to everyone.

How Judgment Marketplace Works

Judgment Marketplace is a fast growing clearinghouse for judgments. Judgments of all sizes are listed here. This provides an unusual opportunity for investors. Sellers are highly motivated to sell their judgments. They can set their own prices, while investors can make offers. Since judgments accrue interest, their value increases over time. Interest rates vary from one jurisdiction to another, but generally range between 5% and 12%. For this reason, a judgment that’s several years old can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars more than its original value.

Judgment Marketplace uses an efficient and secure system to list judgments and arrange for transactions. All members are phone verified and transactions are conducted through to ensure security. Buyers can access Judgment Verification Reports to validate court judgments.

Are judgments a risk free investment? There is really no such thing. The most practical strategy for investing in judgments is to buy a large number of them. Since most judgements have a potential value far more than the asking price, you only need to collect on a few of them to earn a profit.

Why Judgments Are an Investment Worth Considering

Judgments are an attractive investment right now for several reasons. The problem of unpaid judgments is vast, and likely to grow in the future. As more people become aware of this market, many more will soon be listed on Judgment Marketplace. Investors can choose judgments according to what the can afford. Prices range from around $100 to $100,000+. Judgment Marketplace is an innovative business that has several attorneys and a judge on their advisory board. Judgments may very well become a popular form of investing. Those who are aware of this can get involved right now.




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