Google Maps Germany in Jeapordy



There is a landmark patent dispuit in Germany. Mueller has launched a lawsuit against Google because they believe that the company's Google Maps service infringes on Microsoft’s EP0845124 patent. According to the German press the 1996 patent is “computer system for identifying local resources and method therefor”


Google's lawyers have argued that it's unjustified to shut down the service because it provides an essential free service for the general population. Over the years this site has been updated and is one of the most common free methods for people to obtain driving and public transit directions with the click of a button. When planning a trip, Google Maps will even take congestion data into consideration to give travellers the most efficient routes and the least transfers for those riding public transportation. Google Maps is a commonly used platform to access Google Plus Reviews. This is a convenient tool for consumers and business owners alike.


One google Lawyer argued that shutting down the service would not only remove a convenient free service for the public but also damage Google's reputation to the same extent of major libel or bad publicity. Undoubedly this is understandable since Google has never experienced such tough times in the EU country until this week. To shut down any service for the first time would be ego-shattering to say the least!


Numerous German media sources cofirmed that a possible compromise could come in the form of a privacy iscense granted by Microsoft. However, with the two company's having always been fierce competitors on the international stage it's questionable if the dispute will be resolved in this peaceful manner. Regardless, Google is in a tough situation. If the company fails to comply it's quite likely that the Government will impose penalities in the form of banning any Google software or applications sold on internet and mobile phone packages. This will undoubtedly lead to a greater financial consequence for Google.


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